Colorado is a Western American state, the only American state entirely above 1,000 m (Mt Elbert culminates at 4,400 m, and Aspen is the most visited ski-ing resort [Fr.:station de ski]) in the U.S.; it is the eighth in surface (270,000 km2), the 22nd in population (4,300,000). Denver, the state capital has 600,000 inhabitants.

    Originally, the whole area belonged to the Cheyenne, and was first discovered by the French. The Spanish named Red River ("Colorado Rio") the river that flows in the Western part of the state. Colorado joined the Union in 1876. The  Gold Rush (from 1859) brought about the rapid development of Denver.

    * Note the right pronunciation is Colorado (a like in < cat >) although < a: >, like in < cart >, is sometimes heard.
    ** The time-zone, MT (Mountain-time), is Paris-time minus 8 (Denver 4.00 am = Paris 12.00)

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