What do you call the terms that are used in coding to separate words and phrases ?

    I.                   Some names are not typically ASCII and are already found in everyday use:  

    () are parentheses

    is an apostrophe

     : a colon

    ; a semicolon

    , a comma

    ! an exclamation mark

    ? a question mark

    . period or full stop (note: it is an interpunct when the dot separating 2 words is above the line)

    “ “ are called quote, quotation marks (speech marks)

    - is a hyphen while _‖is an underscore (like in music) and a dash 

    > and < are known as respectively greater than and less signs

    * an asterisk

    ~ is a tilde

    % a percent (or modulo) 

    a permil

    Difficult to represent, a space is a void between signs.

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