• Working in the fashion industry can be very cruel, especially for young girls with little knowledge of the risky encounters in wealthy environments ...


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  • Want to know about the strong connection between Scotland and France ? and how your ancestors might have been citizens of both countries ? 


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  • The list of famous British Muslims is very long; Britain has a long history of close relationships with both Arab and non-Arab Muslim countries : Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Aden etc. So it's no  surprise that today 1.8 million Muslims are living in U.K.

    We all know of Sadiq Khan, London's new mayor. Other celebrities include Iqbal Sacranie, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain; Zaki Badawi who, as chairman of the Muslim Law (Sharia) Council UK, has issued a statement condemning  terrorism as contrary to Islam. Waheed Alli, a famous businessman, has become a Lord (Baron Alli of Norbury in the London Borough of Croydon); Sarwar Ahmed, newspaper publisher (Asian Times)Sir Anwar Pervez, a businessman and Britain's richest Muslim ; Shami Ahmed, businessman (Joe Bloggs jeans); Lady Pola Uddin, Labour peer ; Naseem Hamed, boxer ; and so many others.

    Wikipedia has issued a longer list : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_British_Muslims

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    Dear London friends, dear Londoners,

    You are a marvellous people, everyone is hard put to be more welcoming than you are, and yet, once again, blind terror has struck. We know it won't have the last word but still ... . Today we mourn your dead like you did ours. You've said it : love will overcome. One day.

    Thousands Gather For Vigil To Remember Westminster Terror Attack Victims (170323) Credit : The Guardian

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  • You were born after 1980 and have your own "dialect". Same in the U.S. So if you hear one of the following words, you've got a chance to be talking to a "millennial":

    - adulting is the new word for growing up (less dramatic, I suppose !)

    - bigly is a synonym both of large and largely ; originally a mediaeval word, it's been revived recently by ... millennials  !

    - cool is what you like (you also say "phat" or "hip"; Fr. génial)

    - For "refiler, vendre" you often hear "to flog" these days ...

    - gaslighting initially refers to scare tactics (like when you move a gaslighter close to someone's face to make them speak out); now a trendy word for intimidating.

    - Phats are simply any members of the opposite sex (from Pretty Hot And Tempting; Fr. canon, bombe)

    - rad is really cool (Fr. génial, chanmé)

    - savage is neither wild nor uncivilized. Simply a synonym of daring, willing to take a risk.

    - a scrub may sound disgusting to conservative English speakers' ears ! Originally it's a gamers' term to describe an unqualified beginner (= newbie / Fr. novice, blaireau) now someone who does things badly.

    - it sucks means you don't like it at all (Fr. "c'est nul")

    - careful with "tight" it has so many different meanings, even among millennials : a synonym of cool, hip, fashionable, it also translates "serré (for jeans), radin"; and, particularly in NYC, it means "mad, irritated" ("made me tight, il m'a foutu en rogne").

    - Word is a typical millennial equivalent to 'Yes' ("Will you be round here this afternoon ? - Word")

    Lucky millennials, who won't be older than 37 this year ... Happy birthday to you all !

    Credits : Many thanks to John Brandon, Contributing editor, Inc.com  


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