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    William  Logsdail (British artist, born 1859 - died 1944)

    Born in Lincoln, England, in 1859, William Logsdail was a successful genre painter of seascapes and town views. He was taught by Taylor at the Lincoln Academy and continued his studies at the Academy of Antwerp. He worked in Venice for a long period and, between 1887 and 1892, he visited Egypt. His painting Fish Market At Anvers was purchased by Queen Victoria.




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  • (Where are the - ?) What is the origin of the "Home counties"?

    First, what are counties? -- This word refers to an administrative area comparable with the French département. And the group of counties that surround London are called " the Home Counties", possibly because of the Home circuit of the itinerant Assize Court (= in the XIXth. century, the places that London Assize judges could visit in the daytime and still be able to come back home at night !).
    The list includes: Buckinghamshire (Bucks), Hertfordshire (Herts), Berkshire (Berks), Kent, Surrey, Essex, Middlesex, and Sussex.
    They are also called "London and the South-East", the "London commuter belt", or the"London metropolitan area".
    They are described as conservative (culturally, and politically: it is a tory stronghold [Fr.: un bastion conservateur]). The "home counties accent" is easily recognizable (and often heard on the BBC !).

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  • Let's play a game now, a game that is all about celebs in a cheerful Southern London borough.

    Among the famous people born in the London borough of Bromley (UK), and still alive, find one famous pop-singer (female), one soundtrack composer (male), one author of special effects (male); among dead celebrities, find two novelists,  and one racing-car pilot.

    Among the best-known residents, list one scientist, one pop-singer, one soccer-player.


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  • If you've seen the film Made in Dagenham, you probably remember a strong character, an astonishing lady who's played a very important part in the growth of Women's power -- since she was a minister at the time.

    Barbara was born four years before WW I, educated in a socialist family, noticed at an early age for her uncommon abilities, yet constantly underestimated by her father. She wanted to prove so much to him, but he never saw what she became. Her name was Barbara Castle ...


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