• The ups and downs of success

    Working in the fashion industry can be very cruel, especially for young girls with little knowledge of the risky encounters in wealthy environments ...

    The ups and downs of success

    Credit : BK Magazine March 1, 2007, (1000 x 609)

    Her name was Rojjana Phetkanha, but everyone called her 'YUI'. She started her life as a child working in the ricefields of Thailand, helping her poor family with their difficult work. She was so beautiful that she she became a model and won Bangkok's 1994 Supermodel international competition: she was only 18. In ten years she was signed in by Chanel as a world-famous leading model. And then ...

    You will find here an interesting article about Yui's fall from grace (Fr. déchéance), and a few exercises about her story meant for Thai students. Unusual but really helpful.


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