• What's a snitch ?

    That's the name (some would call it an insult) the famous Hollywood film star Sean PENN has been called recently. Remember he was to have an interview with "El Chapo", but the police who made the most of this information managed to track down the Mexican drug lord and arrest him. So Penn was a lynchpin (Fr.: cheville ouvrière) in the capture, although he took pains to avoid being located, like using a burner phone* while communicating with El Chapo. 

    Look at this page from USA Today,  just after the Golden Globe ceremony (Jan. 10, 2016):

    Ricky Gervais calls Sean Penn a snitch over 'El Chapo'

    Jaleesa M. Jones, USA TODAY 9:23 p.m. EST January 10, 2016
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    "Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession." —Ricky

    "Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession." —Ricky Gervais, probably (Photo: Valerie Macon, AFP/Getty Images)

    Listen, Ricky Gervais knows some of you don't particularly care for his brand of comedy, but honestly, he's just here so he won't get fined.

    “I want to do this monologue, then go into hiding," he said in his opener for the 73rd annual Golden Globes, adding, "Not even Sean Penn will find me. Snitch.**”


    (* burner phone : A phone - typically prepaid - that's used temporarily and then disposed of, a.k.a "burned". Usually a cheap flip phone, either bought for cheap at a convenience store, or got online since there's now literally an app called Burner.)

    (** French : "une balance")

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