• Words to "speak millennial"

    You were born after 1980 and have your own "dialect". Same in the U.S. So if you hear one of the following words, you've got a chance to be talking to a "millennial":

    - adulting is the new word for growing up (less dramatic, I suppose !)

    - bigly is a synonym both of large and largely ; originally a mediaeval word, it's been revived recently by ... millennials  !

    - cool is what you like (you also say "phat" or "hip"; Fr. génial)

    - For "refiler, vendre" you often hear "to flog" these days ...

    - gaslighting initially refers to scare tactics (like when you move a gaslighter close to someone's face to make them speak out); now a trendy word for intimidating.

    - Phats are simply any members of the opposite sex (from Pretty Hot And Tempting; Fr. canon, bombe)

    - rad is really cool (Fr. génial, chanmé)

    - savage is neither wild nor uncivilized. Simply a synonym of daring, willing to take a risk.

    - a scrub may sound disgusting to conservative English speakers' ears ! Originally it's a gamers' term to describe an unqualified beginner (= newbie / Fr. novice, blaireau) now someone who does things badly.

    - it sucks means you don't like it at all (Fr. "c'est nul")

    - careful with "tight" it has so many different meanings, even among millennials : a synonym of cool, hip, fashionable, it also translates "serré (for jeans), radin"; and, particularly in NYC, it means "mad, irritated" ("made me tight, il m'a foutu en rogne").

    - Word is a typical millennial equivalent to 'Yes' ("Will you be round here this afternoon ? - Word")

    Lucky millennials, who won't be older than 37 this year ... Happy birthday to you all !

    Credits : Many thanks to John Brandon, Contributing editor, Inc.com  


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